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The Ningthi Delivery Service provides a smooth connection between Business-owners/shop-owners/any-individuals and delivery agents. Business-owners/shop-owners/any-individuals owners can use our Ningthi Order Delivery platform, You can register and login to Ningthi platform and place orders for your partial delivery in our service areas. Our Ningthi staff will assign your placed order to our nearest Ningthi Delivery Executive. You can check the status or track your order. Anyone can join Ningthi Delivery platform through Ningthi Delivery partner app and you can earn extra money or you can work as full time to get more money. You can download our app from playstore and register. Once you approved from Ningthi you can wait for order for delivery. Ningthi will assign order in your slot available time, you can set off and on for service time (you have to follow our policy).